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Healthy Paws is one of few stores in Norfolk, NE,
that offer allergy specific food and treats.

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the wild offers your dog a diet that is natural and balanced, similar to what your dog could find "in the wild". Made with real roasted meats, fruits and vegetables. Grain free, highly digestible and natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall health. Dry flavors available are bison, salmon and duck, wet food available in salmon. Available in puppy food.

Stop In For Samples!

We Offer Several Varieties of treat, from single treats to bag treats.


  • Supplemental-Pet tabs/Calming treats/Hip & Joint/Daily Best Vitamins/Frontline  

  • Allergy - Grain Free

  • Bulk Bakery

  • Simple flavorful and gourmet decorated

  • Training- Nutri Source Soft & Tender

  • Soft Treats

dog treats, healthy paws

Chewable Bones
We offer variety of different type of bones. All our bones are digestible.


  • Greenies (Regular & Petite Sizes)

  • Paragons

  • Bully Springs

  • Bully Sticks

  • Pig Ears

  • XL Ham Bone

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Tuff Lock Collars, Leashes & Harnesses - Lifetime Guarantee!

Leashes and collars for every size of dog and some cats. Strong nylon, buckle and snap. Several styles and colors to choose from. Nylon body harness are also available in all sizes. We have reflective mesh body harness for walking safely at night. If your unsure of what size your pet needs, you are welcome to bring your pet in so that we can help you get the right fit. Don't like a collar or mesh harness, we carry step in harnesses if you like that style.

Step-In Harness, Collars & Leashes


Healthy Paws has a variety of clothing for your dog. We have sweaters and for the colder weather, we have jackets. Boots and coats are available for walking in the rain or the snow. If you and your family are in the water during the summer, we have life jackets for your dog. We have Husker Hoodies for those important Husker games.


Dog and Cat Supply

There are certain things you need for your pet. For feeding time, we have food and water bowls. When it is time for bed, we have different size crates for your pet. We even have traveling crates for those important vacations you plan on taking. We have plenty of toys to choose from for both dogs and cats to play with. To maintain a pet smell free home, we have a number of shampoos and conditioners. To avoid fleas and ticks, we carry Frontline Plus year round in both a single dose or a three month supply. And for keeping your pet's coat looking nice in between grooming visits, we have groomer approved combs, brushes, and nail clippers. For the remembering a loved pet who has passed, we have a few different type of memorials.

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